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WaveArts Power Suite VST DX RTAS v5.40

Release: WaveArts Power Suite VST DX RTAS v5.40

WaveArts Power Suite VST DX RTAS v5.40

Power Suite 5

Our critically acclaimed audio plug-ins are now the
top of their class featuring outstanding sound
quality exceptional CPU efficiency stunning visual
interface design world class customer support and
tremendous value for the money.

These new v5 plug-ins cover the essential aspects of
sound design tracking mixing and mastering. They
are available in various bundle configurations and
individually so you can choose the combination that
best suits your audio needs.


The ultimate channel strip plug-in now better than
ever TrackPlug 5 is an all-in-one processor which
features a 10-band EQ with several filter types
spectral analysis a brickwall filter section dual
compressors a gate sidechain EQs clean/vintage
compression modes and a peak limiter. Still
incorporating Wave Arts impressive CPU efficiency
you can bring out the best in all of your tracks.


Go from small rooms to vast spaces- create the
perfect ambience. MasterVerb 5 is a multiple
algorithm reverb that covers all the bases. Now
includes early reflection controls multiple late
reverb algorithms (including a true plate reverb) and
envelope control. Still the best sounding most
efficient software reverb now with a vast palette of


Tame the peaks in your mix a bit or squeeze as much
volume as possible out if it. MasterVerb 5 provides
peak limiting and volume maximizing as well as
comprehensive dithering options to make this plug-in
specially suited for mastering a final mix. Features
a brand new limiting algorithm with auto release
control for greater sonic clarity.


Powerful multi-band dynamics use up to six
compressors/expanders each operating in a different
frequency range. MultiDynamics 5 has a variety of
uses including mastering noise reduction volume
maximization and sound design. Now includes clean
and vintage compression modes.


The powerful binaural spatial processor now
available with Power Suite With Panorama 5 you can
create stunning 3-D effects over conventional stereo
headphones and speakers. Features sophisticated HRTF
crosstalk cancelling and room modeling DSP

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