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Wave MP3 Editor v11.0

Release: Wave MP3 Editor v11.0

Wave MP3 Editor v11.0

Wave MP3 Editor gives you the chance
to find the part you want to edit
very quickly.

Wave MP3 Editor is a complete audio
editor / recorder with the ability
to convert between MP3 OGG and WAV
files. Wave MP3 Editor makes editing
audio files as easy as editing text
with its clear user interface and
powerful effects.

With Wave MP3 Editor you can edit
MP3s or WAV (PCM format) files you
download from the internet or record
your own audio files from any source
your computer supports. Load a CD
audio track plug in a mike to
record voices or acoustic
performances connect a tape deck or
turntable to the line input on your
sound card or record the output of
a software MIDI wave table synthesizer.

Have fun playing with adding the
many effects offered or do more
serious editing functions. Use the
Normalize and Amplify effects to
match volumes of different files or
bring out the best in music that was
recorded a little too soft. Fade in
fade out add echo or flange.

Wichtige Informationen


Für diese Downloadart benötigst du die Software eMule oder einen vergleichbaren P2P-Client.

1.) Unpack/Install
2.) Check serial.txt
3.) Enjoy


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